2020 Membership Application

Membership in the Marion Chamber of Commerce is subject to approval by the Board of Directors


Membership in the Marion Chamber of Commerce is an investment in our community.  The Chamber strives to promote and support the interests of our member companies and their quality products and services.


Firm Name  ________________________________________________________________________

(If individual membership, Individual Name)


Physical Address  __________________________________________________________________

                                               Street                                             City                     State                    Zip


Mailing Address ____________________________________________________________________

                                                Street                                             City                      State                   Zip


Phone  __________    FAX ________________  Email _________________________

***Please check if you want your FAX number ______ and Email _____ address listed in the directory and on the web site


How would you like to receive your Chamber notifications?  Email  ______     Regular mail   _______


*** If you would you like to receive Chamber information, announcements,  and alerts by email, please furnish your email address:  ______________________________________________________________


Does your business have a web site that you would like listed in the directory and on the web site?




Would you like to be a Chamber Check merchant?  _____________________________________________


Directory Classification ____________________________________________________________________         


Principal Representative _________________________________  Title _____________________________


Additional Representative _________________________________  Title ____________________________


Number of Employees ________   Amount of Annual Chamber Investment  __________________________   


Method of Payment:    Check  ________  Cash ________ 


Your investment automatically renews each year unless your written resignation is sent to the Chamber Board of Directors. 


Signature  ________________________________  Date  _____________________________

Dues paid to the Marion Chamber of Commerce should be tax deductible as ordinary business expenses, not charitable contribution.  



For office use:


ID#:  ________________________________                              Date Paid:  _________________________


Check #:  _______________________________                         Deposit: #:  _________________________


Membership update:  ___________________________               Web site update:  ____________________


Email update:  _______________________________                  Mailing list:  _________________________


209 E. Bobby Gerald Pkwy 

Marion, SC


Tel: 843-423-3561

Fax: 843-423-0963


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